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RBM Turismo: Bringing happiness, confort and enjoyment!

RBM Tourism has transformed the perfect formula into tour circuits, which allow the passenger to discover, in groups and together with assistance of an accompanying guide, the main centres of historical interest in the northeast of Brazil. Walking along the streets and climbing their slopes, you will be transported back to colonial times to discover the Portuguese and Dutch influence on our architecture.

We offer days of sunny beaches, with warm transparent waters and golden and white fine-sand dunes of incredible beauty. The word NATURE takes on a different dimension when you are in the Northeast.

The national parks stand out for the diversity of their relief, rupestrian paintings, mountain ranges, valleys, rocks and different rocky formations. Archaeological sites show us what human occupation was like 50 thousand years ago. Rupestrian inscriptions show us the way of life of our ancestors.

The value of the racial diversity of the Brazilian is shown by aboriginal tribes, blacks living in olden-day slave quarters, as well as legendary personages such as Lampião and Padre Cícero. The aboriginals show their artistic talent manufacturing instruments and utensils. For each ten Brazilians, three are black or mulattos and on them weighs the inheritance of almost four centuries of captivity.

The tour circuits have mineral names: precious & semi-precious stones, organic gems and rocks. They are evaluated programmes, adapted to save time and travelling, using the most modern and comfortable coaches in the country. We count, also, with the experience of the best drivers from the northeast of Brazil and with a Scania maintenance contract, with service centres at 90 of their dealers, which offers us the tranquillity and security to operate on a national scale with immediate attention.

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